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    Electric bicycles Crikvenica
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    Elbike Crikvenica
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    Elbike Crikvenica
    Modern electric bikes Haibike Sduro
    For your enjoyment and the pleasure of cycling.


Electric bicycle rentals Crikvenica

Elbike Crikvenica

Electric bicycle rental in Crikvenica. We have 10 Haibike SDURO HardSeven 2.0 bikes available. High quality electric bicycles for cycling tours by Crikvenica and surrounding places. Visit us from the viewpoint of Vinodol, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Adriatic Sea and the Kvarner Bay.
Visit the island of Krk or choose one of our bicycle tours according to your wishes. Rent an electric bicycle for you and your family during your vacation, and experience Crikvenica and Vinodol Riviera in a specific adventurous way. At your request, we will send the bikes to the desired address and, after completing the bicycle, we will dispatch the bicycle to the intended vehicle. Allow us to organize your tour, and it is up to you to spend your active vacation with family and friends as you stay in our beautiful Crikvenica. Bikes can be booked personally in the ELDOM electric equipment store in the top center of Crikvenica (Skolska Street 1).
You can get electric bikes personally at Tončićevo 12 street, Crikvenica. If you come to take your bicycles with a car, the parking for your car is secured and free of charge.

Bicycle rutes

vidikovci vinodola
Bicycle rute with electric bicycle, Viewpoints Vinodol with a beautiful views of Kvarner bay and it's islands to the paraglider's start point.
Bicycle route with electric bicycle on the island of Krk. Departure from Crikvenica visiting Šilo, Dobrinj and the old historical town of Vrbnik at the island of Krk.
Bicycle rute with electric bicycle to Lukovo forest and lunch at Vagabundo restaurant. The route is about 40 km long in both directions. Departure from Crikvenica to Bribir and Lukovo Forrest to Vagabundo hut.
Bicycling tour with Crikvenica electric bicycle through Bribir to Novi Vinodolski with a lunch in the famous restaurant Studec. The route is about 20 km long in both directions.

Tourist bicycle routes with bicycle guides

Daily excursions with organized lunch and bicycle transport to the place of departure and returning places. Prepare for bicycle guides.
Crikvenica Bribir Vagabundina koliba

Bicycle routes on the map

  1. Crikvenica - Bribir - Lukovo - Vagabundina koliba
  2. Crikvenica - Novi Vinodolski - Studec
  3. Crikvenica - Šilo - Dobrinj- Vrbnik (Island Krk)
Silo Vrbnik ruta
Hibike Sduro 2.0

Electric bicycles Hibike SDURO

Elbike Crikvenica

Haibike SDURO electric bicycles HardSeven 2.0 is a high quality electric bicycle with a Yamaha electric motor, a battery capacity of 400 Wh, 10 speeds, hydraulic disc brakes and aluminum frame. The Haibike SDURO bicycle offers complete driving pleasure on every terrain and is ideal for cycling tours and recreational tours and cycling on the cycling trails of our Crikvenica Riviera.
Start your cycling adventure with Elbik Crikvenica and discover the most beautiful beauty of our Crikvenica Riviera.
Ride with us
Your Elbike Crikvenica

Price list


220 Kn

180 Kn

150 Kn

For daily rentals we deliver bicycles to home addresses free of charge for the town of Crikvenica - out of town delivery 10,00 kn per bike

For multi-day rental prices on request.

Hibike Sduro 2.0

There are 10 bicycles from the famous German manufacturer Haibike Sduro available

Hibike Sduro 2.0

Free delivery vehicle for the city of Crikvenica. Outside Crikvenica 10 Kn per bike.

Elbike Elbike Elbike


MTB Bikes - Dema Mountain Bikes

We have increased our bicycle fleet. From now on, we also offer MTB bicycles DEMA and two children's bicycles frame 24-26.
Let's start pedaling ...

Pricelist MTB


120 Kn
MTB for kids
80 Kn

80 Kn
MTB for kids
30 Kn

30 Kn




Crikvenica, a tourist resort on the northern Adriatic coast designed for cycling along the sea just to Selce in the east and Dramalj to the peninsula Kačjak and further to the Adriatic to the west. Over 15 km of the road to the sea and enjoy the beauties of Crikvenica.
You can also choose to ride a bike from Crikvenica to 7 km away from Tribalj Lake and visit the Drivenik Fort nearby and with a beautiful view of the lake and the Vinodol Valley.
Electric bikes Elbike can explore all the beauties of Crikvenica, by the way to swim in one of Crikvenica's beaches, visit Selce and actively spend the day in Crikvenica.                             


A pleasant summer vacation with a cheerful bike ride wants your Elbike Crikvenica

Elbike Elbike Elbike Elbike Elbike Elbike Elbike Elbike Elbike Elbike Elbike Elbike Elbike Elbike Elbike Elbike Elbike

Elbike Lokve Lake and Eva Restaurant

In collaboration with Eva Restaurant in Lokve, we begin an exciting collaboration of touching Gorski Kotar through nature with the rental of electric bikes. With a little effort or effort pedal through the Mountain Paradise, those more experienced and around Lokvarsko Lake .... Contact the restaurant or directly to Elbike Crikvenica and the adventure can begin ... After the ride relax on the beautiful terrace of "EVA Restaurant" overlooking the a lake with mountain specialties from their cuisine and a glass of cold drink ...

Your Elbike Crikvenica wishes you a pleasant ride

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